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Anime Vegas Convention is one week away!


Yes the convention is one week away and I have a few updates for you.

Volunteers (or anyone that wants to help with the con) can arrive on Friday anytime after 3:00 PM. I will have a little work for you to do (not too much). The dealers will be coming in to set up and we can help them bring in their merchandise. I will need some help setting up my equipment and stuffing registration bags (Central Park Media sent us out 300 bags, say thanks to Steve Mita at CPM). So just stop by the Cashman Center (north meeting rooms) on Sept. 3rd after 3:00 PM.

All of the Guest have now confirmed, so check out who is coming at .

Saturday will be the best day as (the schedule is not yet out but I should get it posted to the site tomorrow) the guests scheduled for that day are:

The "Case Closed" actors (FUNimation) are scheduled from Noon to 3:00.
The "Consumed", "Building 12", "Misfile" artists (Eigomanga) group plus Jonathan C. Osbourne (voice actor, man of 1000 deaths) in from 3:30 PM to 6:00 PM (in the dealers room).

Over in the Screening Room, The Big Cartoon Show from Cartoon Mogul is on from 4:00 to 5:30 PM, followed by our Cosplay Fashion Show (Thanks Robert and Heather), from 6:00 until Close.

On Sunday, Our Guest in the Dealers Room are from ADV (Samantha), 4 Kids (Megan) and Rightstuf (Rich, no not me) from Noon to 3:00 PM.

Then at 5:00 the AMV Exibition is in the Screening room followed by a short Panel, (Thanks to Chris) until closing time at 6:00 PM

Monday we get to catch a little sleep, but be close to the Dealer's room at noon as Adam Van Wyk (Teen Titans Animation Story Artist), will be here sketching and signing from Noon to 2:00 PM. At 4:00 we close, call it a weekend and start looking to 2005!

Speaking of the 2005 show, I have been busy working on it too, and here are a few scribbles to tempt you into coming back for next year's even larger event.

I have pencilled in the exhibit hall for the 25 to 50 dealers, plus room for artists, guests, art shows, auctions, and whatever else we might want to think up (about 50,000 sq. ft. of room). I have it as a two day con, Saturday and Sunday right now, pending on the turn out this year.

I am also and holding all the meeting rooms for panels, screenings and what ever else. I thought an Anime Swap Meet would be fun too (bring something anime to trade, maybe do this on Friday in one of the meeting rooms). The Theatre is available as well for Cos-play and/or concerts.

I am looking at the Badges and thought the flip side is a good place for 25 to 50 round circles for stamps from the dealers. One stamp from each dealer you purchase an item from. Once the badge is full you bring it to the Redemption area and pull a lottery ball. The lottery ball is good for a prize from DVDs, Manga, CDs, Art, Figures, Toys, and anything else Anime related. Once you get all 25 or 50 dealers to stamp it, and get your lottery ball and cash it in for a prize we stamp "WINNER" on the front of the badge. Sound like fun? We have a year to plan.

So for all those interested in next year too, start emailing in ideas and comments after the convention, so we can make next year's event even better!


(long winded) Rich
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