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"You can meet up with me! Come, join the group of weirdo's who will be singing and qoting the most wonderful thing of them ALL.... randomness. We will be dere Saturday not sure on a time yet." -Okie dok! I love your costumes! I can't wait to see them for real! ^___^
"I would meet up with people but I have gotta work. I'll be working art gallery all weekend dressed as Tifa from Final Fantasy 7 advent children. Come make fun of my ghetto-ass costume hand-sewn and completed in two days. Vinyl is hard to work with."
hee hee lol! It's not like mine will be any better....I'm have to make a whole new costume I got too fat to wear the one I made for me when I was 20 lbs lighter...>.<
"A dream that will come true was never really a dream at all."- F.M.A.

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