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Originally Posted by InuPhoenix
drip blood? :: hears many ooooOOOOOOoooo's in the background:: i havent seen the movie yet but has read the summaries ::SNIFFLEZ!!!!!:: but thats awesome!!! drips blood and glows red 0_0 what cons r u going to next year? going to be kikyo at otakon and prolly animeNEXT (that one is int eh tri-state area right?!)
if u lived here in South Cali, i'd invite u over to my place to watch the 3rd movie! or if u have a fast connection and aim i can send it to u ^^
Liam Talis(who's cosplaying Takemaru) came over monday and watched it with me. thats when we had the idea for the bleeding sounga ^^ we want it to puff out smoke too! ^^
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