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ah inu-chan00 we are in the same boat ::sniffles::

thakies hisuikirei but i had to delete my AIM because it caused my comp. to have a trojan horse 0_0 lol but i love your skit idea!!!! i wish i could see it (lives on the other side of the nation in NJ ina lil' unknown town ::sniffles:: lol but if your going to otakon or AN'05 i may be there ^_~* and il be the only dead kikyo traveling with a miroku and a 'live' kikkyo witha sign that says 'before around her neck while i shall have 'after' aroung mine. lol but yesh i would also like to see your inu-papa costume too.

and its not official but i think inu-papa's name might just be InuTaisho but its not official
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