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Thumbs up Cosplay Gallery Viewings

*leaps out from behind a potted plant*

I've noticed that over the past few months, the number of people posting images rises, but the number of views and comments seem to be miniscule... Im bored off my ass and well I thought it'd be interesting to encourage some of you go out and compliment others on their fine achievments in cosplay craftsmanship... Kind of like the old "Cosplay Gallery Above You" game, for those of you who remember the good ol' days. I miss the Babble Boards...

So, what ya do is go to the user who posted above you's gallery, post in their gallery then come back here and post a link... Make sence?

No one is above me so I'm going to pick someone at random, for starters.

Awesome Samanosuke!

I can see this not going over too well but its worth a friggin shot...
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