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LOL I can just picture a Kamui glomping you.

I'm not a big glomper myself. But there are some RABID Link and Aeris fans out there. It's funny when they hum your theme song, but dear God, are they scary sometimes. Especially when they bow down and try to look up your Link tunic. Of course, I wear shorts under it, because it is really really short.

But if fans are nice and ask, I don't mind.

Astro- I've seen the character designs for Castlevania, and they ARE amazing. That and the basic premise have made me want to play for a long time.

And the Aeris braid was actually surprisingly cheap too. ^-^ If you look at certain pictures, you can see there's a little color difference, mostly when the sun reflects off my bangs a certain way and makes them look blonder than they did in person.
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