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Originally Posted by PinkDecay
Well I really want to go to Conclave, but I might not be able to fork out the extra $40.
(However if you see a mullato Rabi~En~Rose running about witha sign that says "Save the bunny-Girls!" please say "Hello"!)
Either way I'm going to the Motor City Comic Con.
(Same deal about the greeting.)
I was just curious who all was going.
(I've asked like 85 people and everyone is all "Well.. Maybe.")
I'll still be going as Rabi~En~Rose due to the fact I'm poor. =^_^=; If you're going as a DiGi Charat character I'll give you pocky (Strawberry or Chocolate). =D

EDIT: I just talked to my boyfriend on the phone & we don't have a way to get there. =-__________-=
I am going on Saturday what day are you going? I will be Puchiko want to team up?
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