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Originally Posted by Rydain
*falls over* Melanie, you r0x0r. How did you get the swirly gold designs on Lu Xun's outfit? Did you use fabric paint? If so, how well did it hold up? Also, do you have any tips for sewing slippery fabric as nicely as you did?

The swirls are cut out of the same fabric I edged the costume with. I was thinking about painting them, but there is no way a gold paint would ever be that shiny... and I wanted it all to match. They took AGES to do (I cut them out with nail scissors), but it was totally worth it.

For sewing slippery fabric, I recommend taking the time to iron a lightweight interfacing onto the back of it. It stops brocades and satins from stretching and changing shape mid-sew.

And with edging or applique work, I cannot stress how much I love Vliesofix (it's a very light webbing with iron-on glue on both sides). It's wonderful for holding awkward things that cannot be pinned properly in place to sew - like edging or swirls.

I hope I've been able to help!
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