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Originally Posted by Rydain
Yes, that was helpful! If you don't mind, I have a few more on earth did you keep the swirly appliques' edges so neat? Are they turned or tucked at all or just sealed at the ends (or surrounded with satin stitch or something else that does the trick)? I really appreciate the info...I've been waffling between embroidering Zhang He's sashes or adding the design with fabric paint, and it's pretty nifty to hear that the applique option would indeed be doable for those embellishments.
Oh, I'm happy to hear that!

It's all satin stitched... I abuse that stitch so much, my poor sewing machine hates me.

I think the same technique would work beautifully for Zhang He's sashes!

Originally Posted by dizzylizzy
i was wondering the same thing!!!

melanie- those look awesome!!! i browsed your lab account too. excellent work!! the freya is amazing! ::adds you to her favorites list on the lab::
Aww, thank you! *hug*

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