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Aww, I'll join your neglected thread, Kirschwasser!
Glad you joined the site, Melaine! I've seen your costumes at (my costumes are on that site too!) and your Ranmaru and Lu Xun outfits are sooooo amazing! Seriously, those are the most detailed, accurate, & best Lu Xun and Ranmaru cosplay I have ever seen...even better that a lot of the best cosplayers from Japan! Your Ranmaru inspires me to get working on my Oichi & Okuni as soon as possible! XD Oh yes, by the way, where did you get the reference for your Ranmaru outfit? I've been looking for SW reference for fan art, but I can never find it. Is there are particular type of artbook that has reference of the SW characters outfits (in good detail)?

The swirls are cut out of the same fabric I edged the costume with. I was thinking about painting them, but there is no way a gold paint would ever be that shiny...
I've gotten gold paint that looks very shiny. Just look at the gold design on the ribbon on my Xiao Qiao costume. (The border of the shorts). I also used it on my Xiao Qiao shoes & hair accessories. I used this acrylic paint (it's brand name is "Golden") and it works wonderfully. It's just very expensive...

But~, that is amazing that you made the gold designs out of fabric! O_o

Anyone have any recommendations on how to do the hairclip thingies Da Qiao has on her outfit?? I'm thinking Sculpey but I'm not THAT great with it...
Chibi Plush Toy - I make my DW hair accessories out of this craft foam. It works really nicely. That is what I used to Xiao Qiao. I just cut out the star-flower shape out of the stuff & painted it with these nice shiny acrylics (Golden brand). For the detailing in the middle, I used beading. I'm also using craft foam for the Da Qiao (5th model version of her) for her hair accessoies...well, for the red & gold part of it. For the blue, I am using this glass stone that I bought from a craft store. You could try to make your Da Qiao hair accessories out of the stuff & see how you like it. ^^ I hope you are still coming to AX2005, because Xiao Qiao wants her onee-sama there. ^_~

I'm almost, kind-of done with my Da Qiao outfit. I just need to add on the sleeves. Oh, the whole outfit in general is so weird. It was crazy trying to make patterns for it. But at least I got the outfit to fit me pretty good. I still need to find thigh-high red socks/stockings & detail well as finding some red heeled shoes. ^_^; *Laughs at myself* The whole outfit in general is put together kind of strangely, but at least I got the past the hard part. But, I am not to bright, because I used some crepe-back satin for part of the outfit...bad idea! I forgot what a pain in the arse that type of satin likes to "ripple". Oh well...

I hope to get Da Qiao finished by the end of next week, so I can get the picture of it in my gallery!
Visit my artwork at Also, if you are user, let me know~! I'm on there. ^_~

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