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I've found that girls generally go wild for guys who cosplay guys who dress up like girls. Men who cosplay as Mana (Malice Mizer... duh), Izam (Shazna), Jakotsu (Inuyasha), Count D (Petshop of Horrors--though technically he doesn't really dress like a girl... he just wears overtly feminine clothing made for guys...), etc get a lot of attention from fangirls... and some fanboys.

But yeah... guys who crossplay (well--aka shaving their legs, making sure there's as little facial hair as possible, etc) are awesome. Men who throw on a Sailor Moon costume and parade around with hairly legs, a beard, and the hem of their smiley-face boxers showing from the edge of their skirt make me both sad and angry--unless they're just doing it to amuse. Like Sailor Bubba (who rocks out.)

I wish Man-faye would go away, though... that's a crossplay never meant to be viewed by human eyes. IT WILL BURN YOUR SOUL. O.O
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