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ok, i agree with gren 100%
im so confused over that whole issue if a gay man likes men.... why would he be attracted to a man who looks like a girl ? there obviously not attracted to females if there gay, so why would a man dress as a girl to get a gay mans attention. i hate those people who think that guys who wear girls clothes are gay. im not gay, and i enjoy wearing fishnet pantyhose and alot of other womens things, people shouldnt judge people like that.and those same people will talk to other people about your sexuality before they act civilized and ask you themselves. next time i hear someone asking someone else if im gay, im propable gonna kick some ass. come to me ya know ?
but i agree that ther is many crossplayers on this website who arent gay. im not gay, and if i my mom would let me be me for once and let me crossplay id be out there in my mana costume in a heartbeat. doesnt mean im gay, oh well mabye its just me.
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