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Originally Posted by Your_Rain
Gooooood idea~! *^_^*
and welcome to all the newbies, including "Mr. Finally decides to post". (aka Black Flame)
Don't gimme that!

You didn't really specify what board you wanted me to post on, MISSY!

"Oh! you should come post on the michigan board!" <---that's ALL you said. :P
Even when you registered for you didn't ever tell me it was for posting at these boards.... -_-;

Anyways. hi...Morgan, is it? yeah, if I could have things my way, I'd be there every week. But since I don't have money and don't have super teleportation powers, I can't. Sorry. Should I commit seppuku now?

Black fire consumes the light
Death has come to take its toll...
You try, you try with all your might
But I will return, return for your soul...
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