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Originally Posted by Saiyan Princess
i still can't believe I missed that. I thought you were but I wasn't sure. I'm a bad tekken fan! To make up for it I'm getting serious about cosplaying as Anna Williams. I just bought a wig and the red gloves on ebay. The dress shouldn't be too hard to make and DarkLordofFluff said he can paint on the pheonix.

Does anyone know when Tekken 5 comes out? I know Loner wants a huge tekken group at Fanime 2005. Can anyone join?
Tekken 5 is supposed to be hitting stateside this month and is already in alot of testing locations around the east and west edges of the US.

I'm a huge Tekken nut.

If I go as anyone, it'd probably be King. Except tis hard to find a mask that looks quite like his and when I DO find them they're all tigers.

I think a Kunimitsu costume would kick the ass. But i'm not the build or gender for that.

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