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Originally Posted by Pincer
Whoa!!! You did a King? I gotta compare notes on the mask! I've got one pic in my profile, but it's an older one. I redid the fur on the chin to something lighter and not as hairy. **chuckle**

Which King outfit did you do? I absolutely refuse to do any of Tekken 4 outfits. They stink!!

And yes, I do I have an Armor King mask completed and I did the player 2 Tekken 3 outfit at SakuraCon and A-Kon of this year. I'm now starting on the Armor King costume itself in a day or two. That's going to be something else to do.
OMG! That is such a good King costume! You did a fabulous job! You aren't going to AX 05 by any chance are you? I'm trying to organize a Tekken group for it.
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