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That's a BIG if on going to AX for 2005. Plans are made for SakuraCon and Project A-Kon for next year. Unless something happens to where I can't make my planned cons, then AX would be the next one. I wanna go to it, but doing two flights in one year with my line of work is a bit of a pain in the butt.

I should have a pic of that Tekken 3 King costume (Armor King mask) in my profile over the weekend. And yes, I do have the left eye glowing red. And I have tunnel vision when I wear that particular mask. **l**

Other King outfits I have done are the other two from Tekken 2. For what I've seen on Tekken 5 I'm in love with his player two outfit! Not too mention you can customize costume bits in the arcade version (if you have the data card) and do some major tweaking in the upcoming home version. If I get that new outfit done I just might start in on the player1 default costume. Great, more spandex pants to wear. **lol**
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