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Hey everyone! I'm not new to cosplaying but I am new to this forum! I live in southeastern MI, but I travel all over because my boy friend lives around Novi (45 min drive for me) and I commute from college. But any-who I've gone to 4 or 5 cons and I've been to this years and last years Ohyocon, I also went to Acen last yr (which was the best!) I'm also going this year, I can barely wait! I have my b/f who's into cosplaying and six friends at Eastern that go to cons with us!
I have a bunch of costumes; (these are both mine mostly and my b/f 's)
Haku - Naruto, Cagalli - Gundam Seed, Cagalli - Gundam Seed Destiny, InuYasha and Kikyo, Ken and Ryu - Street Fighter, & Cloud - Advent Children.
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