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Originally Posted by Loki-sama
Well, I've been toying around with the idea of Dr.Orpheus just mainly because of his saying, "Do not be hasty in going in there...I had TACO BELL FOR LUNCH!!!!"
Hehe, my friend who wants to be Orpheus is planning on carrying a Homie with him so he can say, "It's a Homeboys figurine. But be careful, for it contains the souls of two FOULMOUTHED REDNECKS!"
If only you hadn't been so naked this year, you wouldn't have flunked.

Costumes, costumes, la la la!

Cosplay wish list: Faye Valentine masquerade gown (Cowboy Bebop), Lehas (Magna Carta), Gaara (Naruto), Yohko Mano (Devil Hunter Yohko),Setsuka (Soul Calibur III), Zhen Ji (Dynasty Warriors 5)
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