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Japanese Input for Windows 9x/ME


There seem to be a few people who can't get Japanese (or any non-english language) working in their internet explorer, be it showing up or inputting it, so I'll post a brief guide for how to do this.

Note this will only apply to Windows XP or similar platforms because I don't have a mac on hand to write accordingly for.

On the microsoft Japanese page, click whatever corresponds to your system, or more likely it may be this Global IME.

Once the download has completed and installation done, your computer should be able to read Japanese on the internet(if not, I'll have to search around some more, it's been a while since I've had to do this).

To actually input Japanese, read on.

Go to Start, Control Panel. From there, click the Regional and Language Options, and go to the Languages tab, and click the Details... button. There should be a Text Services and Input Languages window that pops up. There are a list of keyboard layouts here, likely your default is English(US) for those of you living in North America. Go to the Add... button, and click the Input Language and Keyboard layout. Japanese should show up if the correct pack was installed. If it doesn't show up try installing some other components to your computer from Microsoft. Once done click Ok and this new keyboard layout should show up in the list on the previous menu. Click that one and finish.

Once you are out of the Control Panel right click the windows taskbar at the bottom of the desktop, and go to the Toolbars option, and click Language Bar. This should bring up a small icon on the taskbar with the letters EN or JP for whichever language your computer is set up with currently. To switch quickly, hit Alt+Shift (unless you changed the default) between them (and excempting if you have more languages installed).

Right click the Language button and go to Restore the Language Bar. Now you will be in the master input area of Japanese characters. In the Input Mode button, there will be a series of input methods which your keyboard can use. Most common for you will likely be Direct Input (using the english alphabet), and Hiragana (using phonically Japanese input from english letters). Select one, and you are set to go.
Japanese Input for Windows 2000

While logged in as Administrator, do the following:
Go to "Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Regional Options"
In the "Language Settings for the System" box, check Japanese
Click OK, Follow the prompts, and make sure you have your windows CD handy.

Next, in your login, do the following:
Go to "Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Regional Options"
Click on the "Input Locales" tab
Go to "Add..." and select Japanese (Leave keyboard layout/IME as Japanese)
Click OK
Select Japanese and click "Set as Default" (You can skip this step, but it allows you to switch to entering kana with a key shortcut, instead of having to change locales in every program.)
Click OK again
If you didn't set Japanese as default, change to Japanese using the indicator on the taskbar when you want to be able to enter kana.
Press ALT+` to switch to kana input.
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