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Originally Posted by Akira_Kun
isn't this forum supposed to be FOR japanese? some of you guys are not even spelling your words right already, which will make things difficult (i.e. someone tried to spell amazing as sugoi. should be tsugoi). if you really don't know how write out what you want to say, it will make things hard to understand.
sorry, that all sounded mean. i'm not trying to put anyone down.

While I don't like the title "日本語の" stylistically, it still conveys the meaning of this, in Japanese.

Also, すごい is romanized as su-go-i and I don't know why you'd change it to つごい and write tsu-go-i except if you were doing 猫声 (cat voice)...

Anyhoo, it's a really awesome idea has here with the international forums ^__^

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