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Originally Posted by AmeCassee View Post
Sorry guys, I have been busy trying to get things ready for Katsucon and it is coming up so fast I am slowly going insane.

I happen to live in Lancaster so I will most definitely be at Zenkaikon. Also I think I need a sewing machine. I am trying to make hats and I am doing it by hand. So far I have poked myself twice...with the blunt end of the needle. *sigh*

Also is anyone going to Otakon? I am planning to cosplay Tifa from Advent Children and I didn't know if anyone was planning to cosplay AC. I think I am the only one from my group doing it.

OK, I have to go back to sewing now. If no one hears from me please send a search party.
I'm going to Otakon~
I'm going be cosplay Yurippe from Angel Beats. And ouch! You didn't poke yourself in the same spot? Dx
Yuri Nakamura (Angel Beats)

Nagisa Motomiya (AKB0048) - 10%

The Near-Future~*

Yui Hirasawa (K-On)
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