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Originally Posted by UsakoLuna View Post
Emmers - tell he to complain the registrar. There isn't much he can do now, but they should know how poorly represented the class was. And if someone told him that, like an advisor, the registrar needs to know that that person may need more training. Because that's insane.
I know at my school there are 3 kinds of web based - 100% 75% and 50%.

Essentially, 100% is totally online, you never go near the school for that class. 75% is you take the tests in a classroom, 50% is you meet like 3 or 4 times and take tests in class, seperate from the class meetings.
I hope his boss gives him the day off so he can relax.

I watched most of the Super Bowl. It was boring but my friend who was hosting made tacos and kielbasa. So that was nice. And we played glee karaoke and mario kart.
I'll tell him to speak with the school about it, because I am sure he's not the only student who was mislead.

His counselors have been no help to him the entire time he's been going. He's been going on and off for around ten years now- having taken a couple years off and going only part time during some years. Another reason it's taken him so long to graduate is because his counselors never straight up tell him what classes he needs to finish.

I am not exaggerating.

You can see the information for what classes are available to you online, but it wont tell you what is required and what is optional. So he's gone to the counselors to ask specifically what he needs to graduate and they all tell him just general studies courses and direct him to look online...
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