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Low-impact suggestions?

Hello! Since I made the conscious decision to try and lose weight, I have so far lost about 20 pounds, which is great and I'm happy, but I've now hit that 'just ten more!' mentality and over the last month my weight has seemed to level off. I'm maintaining but not losing. So far I've improved my diet and I do walk every day, about 30-45 minutes.

I would like to add another 30 minutes of exercise a day, aside from walking...something I can do in the house. But I have a herniated disk causing bad lower back problems so I can do high impact and work out tapes and such. Does anyone know of any low-impact, or easy on the back exercises I could try? If it targets the tummy area, all the better.

Also, my kids have the Just Dance games and they are pretty fun, although I haven't used them much myself yet, I thought they might be good exercise...does anyone have experience using these games to help lose weight?
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