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As someone who has sold digital cameras at two different jobs. I have come to like and own a sony. For a point and shoot it works really well. Also it works amazingly in the dark. (which many con photos are) The sony point and shoot cameras work well in almost all situations on the automatic setting. If you want to you can go in there and tweak apature, exposure, white balance and so on. But they also take amazing picture with just the regular modes. For example the following were all taken with my W5 (no longer avalible but the w line still exists with the w50, w70, and w100). The w series is the ones that sacrifice some size for quality and features. The T series is the ones that sacrifice features for being ultra compact. The H series is the ones that are the same quality as the w series but add a significantly better zoom, you sacrifice size for this as they are much larger than the w and t serieses. None of these have had any editing besides resizing on some. The photo I have as my avatar is from my sony w5 but I tweaked color in photoshop. For unaltered ones check on the ones below.

By the way the first one is me my friend and billy bob thornton. The second one is me gary jones, and paul mcgillion (of stargate sg-1 and stargate atlantis respectivly). I'd show you my one of the cosplay joker and harley quinn I took in near total darkness (it was a dark corner of a bar at dragoncon) but its on my other computer. I'll show it tomorrow if anyone wants to see it.
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