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Originally Posted by Yunarashi View Post
Yeah, I have to start focusing on making my own dinners and bringing them to work with me.

I know what you mean about working non stop, it sucks. Especially when you work at a place like Dominos. I myself work at a coffee and doughnut shop. It's absolutely brutal!! and (sorry guys, look away if you don't like 'lady talk') especially during your period.

Example: For most of the month, I'm satisfied snacking on celery sticks and carrot sticks, with an apple along side my dinner salad. (A small bit of feta and olive oil dressing...mmm yeah!)

However, around your period, you do tend to crave sweeter/jucier foods. This often leads to unneccessary consumption of sweets. However if you replace those celery sticks with a couple of strawberries your cravings won't be so bad. Its how I managed to lose weight working with doughnuts.

Another thing that's worked for me has been moderation of veggies and fruits as snacks.

If you're like me, bringing the same thing to work everyday for lunch gets boring, so I always try to get a good variety of fruits and veggies when grocery shopping. Even today I bought brocoli and pears because last week I had gotten apples and asparagus.

Blah, that didn't come out half as clear as I thought it would, but I hoped it helped!
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