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EOS Fay/Fairy Blue and Alice and Rabbit's Ciel Lens

Personal ratings:
- Color:
Alice and Rabbit's Ciel lens: A+ as it will show on any eye color. The coloring is opaque, you can see well with the lens in too.
EOS Fay Blue lens: A, not quite what I was expecting but it is a noticeable color I would liken to denim blue.

- Comfort: A+
Both lenses are comfortable and were worn for a period of 6 hours for my test. No irritation experienced. The first Ciel lens I used from Fantasy Sheep was not comfortable at all. This one is a much better choice and I experienced no vision obstruction even with the star design partially covering the pupil.

- Overall:
A+ for Ciel lens.
A for Fay Blue since it is rather unpredictable depending on your natural eye color and lighting situations. That said, while it took some time to grow on me, I really like these lenses now because they are an excellent middle-ground choice between very pale, icy blue and saturated royal/sapphire blue.

The Fay lenses do not have much to offer in terms of enlargement or thick, dark limbal rings, but I think it makes the lens look slightly more believable and less alien. Not recommended if you want a super kawaii/dolly look, but totally recommended it if you want lenses worth wearing because the color shows up on really dark eyes.

In action:
Ciel Pic 1
Elsa Pic 1 Pic 2
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