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Originally Posted by Kawaii Pocky View Post
Okay, so I was wondering what characters I could cosplay with my hair? I guess any one that I look like. I'm looking for some one where I wouldn't have to wear a wig or wear a wig I already have. I do have a few wigs, but half of them are at my old place and the ones I have are semi long green wig (C.C. Code Geass), a semi long purple wig (Saeko High School of the Dead), and a long brown curly wig (no specific character, not really ringlets, more like curls). If I had to use wigs. If I had the rest of my wigs I have a Misa Amane wig, a short black wig (like Japan from Hetalia). I can't think of other wigs I have. lol Any way, I only have the first 3 wigs.

I'm pretty much looking for some thing simple and cheap to cosplay. Preferably under 100 dollars, but I don't even know if I'd be able to make the cosplay myself because I don't have a sewing machine. What I usually do is buy base clothing from Good Will and alter hand...which is a bitch. lol

If I could cosplay Misa again I'd like to be her again, I had another outfit of her's I wanted to do which is basically the red corset and black skirt, but I need to get a new wig if I can't get the one I already have.

Any way, just any suggestions on some simple, cheap, cosplays I can use my natural hair with or the wigs I have would be great. Thanks.

Current pic of me.
Blair from Soul Eater with the purple wig the two curls would be in frount and the rest of the wig would hang long in the back.
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