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Magic tricks suggestions?? (Tamako Market)


I'm currently working on a Tamako cosplay. I was planning on doing something similar to the opening: with lots of colors and movements.
I was thinking of making origami stars and buying some candy to throw into the air, a party popper, and I'm also planning on sewing or maybe buying a Dera plushie so as to take it out of the hat. I was also thinking of making staff assistants move magazines and such, and of course I'm going to practice baton juggling as well. However, I wish I could do something more entertaining, such as a magic trick.
I plan on presenting this at a con first but I want to show it to kids later. Here in my town there's a project to visit orphaned and homeless kids and entertain them through cosplay. I'm part of it so I'd like to participate as Tamako, so it'd be great if I could work a fun magic trick.

So basically, I wanted to know if any of you already know of some good and quick magic/illusionism tricks to be presented in a skit.

Thanks in advance!
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