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Any time! And lol I'm definitely amateur, but with at least a few shows under my belt I hope I'm being useful.

I would also DEFINITELY keep in mind the setup of your stage when selecting tricks. A lot of tricks require a flat surface to set things on, so you may need a folding table, and that'll have to be brought on/whisked off stage really quickly (and if it's a masquerade you'll probably have to carry it on yourself). Smaller props or lightweight props are probably best, unless you can cleverly move things on/off with no problem (like maybe wrapping everything in a tablecloth that eventually gets thrown on your table? That works so long as things don't have to be pre-set before your audience sees it!)

The transitions are so so so important in suspending belief, so take your time practicing those!

I'd also avoid stuff that can get messy-- confetti (unless it's REALLY controlled), water, fire (which is probably banned at most performances anyways...) are all things that are probably best to avoid.
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