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Originally Posted by mikazuki
Why not just wax your face? I think it would be far simpler and less expensive then to go another route. Plus it's leave your face baby skin smooth. Make sure you shave first and then allow a little bit of stubble to grow out before waxing. You don't want long hair since that will hurt like heck but you need hair for the wax to grab. A jar of wax costs under $10 in most drugstores.

There is also sugar wax but I've never used that before but have seen commercials where it's used on men's facial hair. Its more expensive, between $10 & $20, then traditional wax but it may work better.
No. No waxing. There are serious dangers with waxing one's face. Particularly the upper lip. Certain bacteria known as staph aureus lives in the nostrils and can reach the bloodstream through a freshly yanked hair follicle. Trust me: you don't want that to happen.

Besides, I've plucked before... and that doesn't work, either. The stubble will still show.

Anyway, I was asking about liquid latex, not hair removal methods. But thatnks for the help.
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