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I one day stumbled upon a Hamasaki Ayumi site and they had music samples. I listened to "Fly High" and was instantly hooked. I listened to more of her music and I got my friend hooked on her too. After some time she fell into J-rock and slowly pulled me in with Gackt. A Japanese neighbor of mine (older lady) has J-rock videos and offered to let me borrow any of them. Knowing my friend was currently obsessed with Malice Mizer I borrowed one of those (Merveilles) and we watched it. I had heard a couple of songs by them and thought they were "OK" but I'd never really seen them. After that concert I was like "Wow..." and fell in love with them. Then that slowly moved into Dir en Grey, which took time because they were a bit too extreme for me at the moment, but they just grew on me and I'm in love with them! ^_^ Now I'm trying to expand my J-rockness by listening to Baroque, X-Japan, hide, etc. etc...
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