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Hey guys! Just wanted to share some pics of my Avacyn Cosplay.

Stuff about it: I had black gloves, but they disappeared in my hotel room that morning so I never got to wear them. Of course I found them right after I changed. Additionally, I never got around to getting a choker because I decided to be lazy. Apologies. :P

Also, her eyebrows were the most difficult part of everything, and that's saying something because this costume was an absolute nightmare to put together thanks to a bunch of stupid problems with things [hence the inaccuracies. I had to do some emergency re-working of the costume at the last minute. I'm going to redo the entire thing soon]

Anyway, I'll stop complaining now and share pictures (excuse the lack of wings in this one. I forgot them in my hotel room)

A note to other Avacyns: I purchased Mesh white contact lenses for this costume from Swapeyes, and I don't recommend it, especially if you're not entirely used to wearing contacts. I ended up somehow scratching my cornea, and they hurt most of the day, even though the sizing was fine and they were sitting in the correct position. It's also really, really hard to see, but you knew that already. :P
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