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Originally Posted by The Hag View Post
Agreeing with SW - YOU WILL ALWAYS BE STARWIND TO ME!!!! All businesses make pretty much every decision based on one thing - what is going to make them the most money. Sure, sometimes they misjudge the market and make a stupid decision. But it's not about wanting to screw over the fans - it's about making money. If you don't like a game or what a game company is doing then vote with your wallet. There are plenty of other games out there.
Pretty much this. Sure Zwei wants some more Nier, and I'm sure there's like maybe 50 people outside of Japan who agree. But that game tanked review and sales wise in the US/Europe markets, where MOST games need to succeed in order to become franchises. Say what you will about 13, but I'm fairly certain that game sold more copies in it's first 2 weeks of release than Nier will see in it's lifetime.

Given the current state of the game industries, taking risks with cult-classics/new IPs is a bold move, and can be damning. Especially with J-rpgs, which outside of "main" Final Fantasies, don't do too well outside of Japan. I know Persona gets a lot of internet/press love (well deservingly), but those games don't do the same sort of sales figures, which like Hag said, is the important thing in the end.
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