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Hey, Kat! Long time, no see! ^^

So, after several changes and ideas being thrown around, I have finally settled my third cosplay for AN this year, and it falls under this catergory.

Figured, with all the Avengers love out there, I would give love to that other Marvel guy who's been putting out movies consistantly: SPIDER-MAN!!!

I'm specifically cosplaying the the Spidey from the new movie, The Amazing Spider-Man. Here's a pic, if you are not familiar:

As for the photoshoot day, my vote is definately for Friday. I'm already likely going to be switching between two costumes on Saturday, and throwing a third in the mix would be crazy. Plus, the only thing I have going on on Friday is the Ball, but that's not until the evening, so I'm all for a photoshoot. ^^

Anyway, for now, Webhead out!
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