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Oh man... I'm old, and I do have fancy pants qualifications... but because I'm so old, I'm too damned lazy to do anything other than answer your questions! XD

Originally Posted by Danacyrus View Post
1. What do people want to see at a Anime Ball? What do you imagine should be there?
As a Ball, there really doesn't have to be anything other than food and music. I suppose you could have a costume competition, if you needed to centre it around an event?
It'd be a pain acquiring permissions to play any anime for screenings... so yeah, I'd just run it like a big party.
Have you thought about having a theme for it?

Originally Posted by Danacyrus View Post
2. How much would you be willing to pay for entry (includes, entry, food, drinks, prizes etc...)
For something that offers a meal, I think $30~$40 would be totally acceptable. But then again, a lot of Brisbane cosplayers are still in school, so cheap as possible is good!

Originally Posted by Danacyrus View Post
3. What do you think the turn out would be like in Brisbane?
ADVERTISE!!! Get a website, and spam every Australian con/cosplay forum around; print flyers and posters, and get them into every comic/geek shop around the place. Get the word out, and get people excited - otherwise you're just going to have all the regulars show up... like me.
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