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There posing ideas added. I've added the general ones from the old thread first then the specific ones you guys asked (pretty much ff8 as the other ones were already listed in the old thread).

@killaflip: More than likely just in 2013, since the photoshoots location reserving only start nearer AN, and people will be more sure about what they'll do by then anyway, plans tend to change a lot throughout the year so ^^;.

@SuperBee: Featherssss O.O Perhaps you can mix it? Like use feathers on the top layer but foam on the bottom one? Will cost less that way, and less danger for the feathers to unglue since you'll be able to glue part of them on the foam for extra security

Otherwise, if we get some more FF cosplayers from the older games and we have so far only one princess (Garnet), what about all the older FF 'warriors of light' protecting the princess? Older FF need more love afterall, and they're pretty much all set in the 'medieval type' theme with queens, kings etc background so ^^

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