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I don't care if a guy chases you or a girl chases you (for a romantic relationship)... BUT don't expect or want for that guy or girl to chase after you when you're the one interested. I have this person I know that is just waiting for a girl to chase after him because he's used to having girls chase after him. And he's the one who's interested in her while the girl has absolutely zero interest in this guy. He needs to get over himself and gain some freaking courage to at least ask her out. I know she'll say no and everyone that are close to her knows she'll say no. I don't think she should even consider befriending this person because he gets jealous when she starts to other guys or not paying attention to him. I MEAN WTF. She's not even your girlfriend and even if she was, this is not wrong of her to do so!!

Urgh. *slaps face out of frustration*
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