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Originally Posted by Kwonkicker View Post
Having trouble finding a decent TMP, know any good airsoft sites that sell them?
There are several airsoft TMP's out there, and most airsoft retailers carry them. Google is your friend. If you want it to look like HUNK's, prepare to do some heavy modifications.

Originally Posted by NakedGiob View Post
Hi guys, I need advice about the load-bearing vest. I plan to use this one ( as it is really similar to the one he wears in ORC, but I don't know what to use to emulate the vest he wears underneath the LBV. I also have a bit of a problem with the tan shoulder pads. Ty for the help (reference image:
HUNK's ORC vest base layer is pretty similar to a STARS vest, only there are no pockets, no zipper flap, and no laced webbing on the sides. If you're looking for something quick and easy, look for a charcoal (or dark gray) soft shell vest with a collar.

His shoulder pads in ORC are actually OD (they're tan in RE4, Mercenaries 3D, Revelations, etc.) but in ORC he wears OD suspenders. They're custom, but one of these in the right color is pretty close:

I did Leadmill's ORC vest, and I used one of those sets of suspenders with some heavy modifications to achieve the right look. The chest rig was scratch built, but that one you found is very similar. You would need to add the back though, as HUNK's has a full back with MOLLE webbing to carry the various pouches.
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