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Okay, so I wasn't gonna post in here cause I'm really self-conscious.... but I finished my Dany top today. But now that it's finished I keep over-analyzing it and am very frustrated that it's not looking right. So I need your help.

(apologies for the crappy cell-phone quality pic)

(I fixed it so the left doesn't have so many 'ripples' after the pic) Obviously I don't have the brooches yet...

Anyway, my question to you all is this: I took a creative liberty adding in all those light threads vertically into it to give it the same effect that hers has, but I don't feel I got it... So what should I do? Leave it? Take them out completely? (then I'd have a bunch of holes in it..) or replace them with a darker (yet still lighter) threadthing? Or perhaps any other suggestions?

Any constructive criticism would be appreciated, thank you

Also, though I know you all know it, a quick reference just so you don't have to go looking it up:

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