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Originally Posted by JasonTerror View Post
First I will answer you're question. Yes, it's mirrored on the other side ^_^ Makes life a tad easier lol

Second, it looks a little wide to me..It should be much skinnier, but then again, you are making it to hold up unline most other this non metal swords..So this is a good thing..I held a cosplayers Kirito swords at my last con and though they were wood, they were very thin, meaning also looking correct, but they felt like I could break it just by holding it against a little breeze..
Oh thank god, I've been driving myself crazy if it was mirrored or not.

Alright, definitely got some shaving to do.

The blade itself is double stacked balsa wood. Light and easy to cut. Although flimsy as a single piece, it's surprisingly durable when double stacked with wood glue as it's center. I tried swinging it every way I know, and short of hitting it against a rock it's pretty solid. So I don't have to worry about a breeze snapping it in half lol.
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