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CG - I agree with everything in your review except:

Originally Posted by ChilmarkGryphon View Post
Viking/Husqvarna is sort of an uncommon brand, so you might have a hard time finding someone to repair it if it breaks.
Viking is one of the two major high-end brands (the other being Bernina). There may not be an authorized dealer right next-door to everyone (I live in a large city and the closest to me is 15 miles; there are 5 within 30 mi.), but any reliable sewing machine repair shop will be familiar with the brand. It should be noted though, all Vikings bought from an authorized dealer come with a 30-year warranty and you risk having the warranty voided if repairs are done by anyone other than an authorized dealer. However, if you've picked one up used without a transferable warranty, you shouldn't have any trouble finding a generic shop that can clean and/or repair it.

Originally Posted by ChilmarkGryphon View Post
This is a sewing machine made by a company that specializes in lawnmowers and chainsaws, and went into domestic appliances because they got tired of making guns.
While perhaps true technically, I would add that Viking has been making sewing machines since the late 1800's so they do have a lot of experience specifically with sewing machines as well as outdoor power equipment! XD
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