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Slapthefatcat, I have trained for about 10 years in mixed martial arts, focusing manly on kickboxing for which I have taught for the last 6 years. I do have some experience in BJJ as well but the stand up game is what I prefer. I trained with instructors from Houston to Dallas working on various aspects of the game experiencing many modern and traditional training methods. As to whats involved it is a lot of pad work, sparring and partner drills to build trained response but also to allow you to think of your feet and react quickly. It is my preferred form of cardio as it is both aerobic and anaerobic.

Today was Arm Days

Dumbell Curls

warmup with sets of 20 on 15,25,35lbs

working sets

3 sets of 15 of 45lbs
3 sets of 12 of 55lbs

Spider Curls with EZ bar

4 sets of 12 at 55lbs

Cable curls-straight bar

sets of 15 at 60,80,100, 3 sets at 120

Triceps Pulldowns with rope attachment

2 sets at 60lbs 15 reps
2 sets at 80lbs. 15 reps

Skull Crushers with EZ bar

65lbs 4 sets of 12

Close Grip Bench

3 sets to failure with 65lbs EZ bar, very little rest between sets.

Had to cut it short there due to clients, no cardio today allowing the knee to rest after a good leg day and some brutal time on the stairmaster. Doing back in the morning and cardio at night tomorrow.

Had to cut it short due to clients but wanted to mainly focus on biceps today, my triceps are already further along.
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