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Em1nA1, being benched sucks lol! We do all have our bad days but what can ya do, gotta roll with it. Feeling better this week, so now working at about 80% of my max.

From Monday: Chest Day

Incline Smith Machine Press

warm up
started my working sets here
5 sets of 5 at 245
On the last set I knew I was approaching failure and barely got the last rep up, I decided to go for the bonus round of one more set so I stripped the 10s off each side and did one more set of 6 at 225.

Flat Dumbell Press

4 sets of 8 at 95lbs dumbells

Incline Fly on cables

3 sets of 10 at 60lbs.

Finished chest with 3 sets o push ups to failure.

Also completed 30 mins of cardio in the pm. Just some treadmill work, decided to lay off stairmaster until I got passed leg day lol.
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