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Originally Posted by ScarletRhapsody View Post
I'm really happy to see Idolm@ster really take off! I'm helping coordinating a New England based Idols group. We're probably looking at doing things for Anime Boston 2014 since most of us in the group are working on eternal sailor senshi.

I recently did Azusa's marching band variation at Katsucon and PAX East:

For Otakon, I'll be doing Ryuuguu Komachi

I think there's an AX 2013 Idols group in the works, but I'm also trying to get a rough time school group. For the life of me, no matter how many times I google-fu, I can't find for the group shot art for rough time school. Any help? Thanks!
I'm planning to be at Otakon, and it's probably the only east coast con I'll ever be at! Do you have a group going for Ryuuguu Komachi? I'd definitely like to join if so!
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