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Originally Posted by Eriol
Then here is the strange part: Why bother with craftsmanship awards for the masquerade when that same con offers a Hall Cosplay?
I think because, as I said, people want it both ways. Also, there is the problem that some costumes may be impressive, gorgeous, and wonderfully made... and absolutely unsuited for hall wear. If you can't move very well in it, or see, or eat, or whatever, but you still want to be judged for craftsmanship... well, what then? Some costumes are designed to be presented on stage, but that doesn't mean that their makers want to be excluded from the opportunity to have their craftsmanship recognized.

Originally Posted by Eriol
Why don't people simply go to cons that support Hall Cosplay, at the very least? I'll agree with you that it seems cons are not consistent whether to offer craftsmanship judging or not, but I would think people eventually have to vote with their wallets and simply not patronize cons that do not have the venues they want, unless distance and cost to attend such cons are prohbitive.
That last sentence sums up the problem quite nicely. Most of the cons that are easier for me to get to are not the sort that offer cohesive Hall Cosplay contests, which makes things difficult - and even if they did, it doesn't solve the aforementioned problem of stage costumes vs. hall costumes. So I think that there is little obvious choice but to continue trying to improve the implementation of craftsmanship judging and awards at Masquerade events, rather than simply relegating the craftsmanship end to the hall cosplay.
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