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Originally Posted by TheAnarCHris View Post
Wanted: A Emma Frost. Must be eebee sized, must be able to tolerate The_Anarchris. PM all headshots to The_Anarchris immediatly, nudes are fine as well.

And the odds of a back-up Hood helm coming up are zero to none, BUT I may have secured a back-up Hood for the group should I experience "the Fail". Would suck for me, but hey, I'll live.

EDIT: Said comissioner said he was ready to ship out costume/helmet today, but DERP, holiday. Will do so tomorrow. In theory all will be good come Wednesday, possibly Thursday. PRAY FOR MOJO!

And glad you have fun. We ended up having less people come out than expected, but you got to meet the Mrs, so that's awesome. If you 2 wanna meet up for dinner/drinks during the weekend, let me know, I have no concrete plans aside from Friday night.
That's one heck of a tall order in a potential Emma Frost! xD

Glad to hear it! Last-minute costume worries are never fun. I can only imagine it's even less fun when you have no control over them.

Will do. Tell Carrie I think she's great, and definitely want to hang out again. =)
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