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Originally Posted by Jia Jem View Post
They have been banned for abuse of the marketplace. Thanks for posting the reviews, or else we wouldn't have caught it.

To clarify a few potential misunderstandings: The problem isn't that they're/she/he is from China. There are many users on the site from China, and we're all-inclusive here. The problem is that they signed up on the sight purely for solicitation and to abuse our free marketplace. We don't charge fees for advertising or selling, but we make sure that people aren't out there to take advantage of by using it as a fee-free store front only.

Just stepping in because I got an email from Mandy and it seems she is not being allowed to explain herself and reading things here seems fishy. She says you are ignoring all her emails, although I do not know who deals with the emails.

Firstly please clarify how she abused the marketplace?

Secondly, how is she from China? She is a current student in China (attending the International Fashion Academy in Shanghai, it seems as a Study abroad program ), that does not make her from China, or mean she is a Chinese scammer. She is currently attending school in China is all. So if you are commissioning her within the past year, than yes that would make since that the packages are coming from China. When I commissioned her I distinctly remember my packages coming from California in a USPS post box. I can vouch for the fact that Mandy is/was a US resident. I HIGHLY doubt she is a Chinese scammer. I am sure others who commissioned her before this past year check back they would also say their items came from here in the US.

I am not getting involved with quality of resent work. All I know is that before she was in school, her work was stunning. I will just say I can understand how school can hinder ones work if you get to busy.

Just saying I think some people in charge need to do some research and actually talk to this poor girl who is being accused of being something she is not.

Think of it this way, if she WAS a Chinese company/scammer, I doubt she would be fighting this hard and asking previous customers to vouch for her.

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