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Originally Posted by Tifa-chan0980 View Post
Think of it this way, if she WAS a Chinese company/scammer, I doubt she would be fighting this hard and asking previous customers to vouch for her.
I don't think the implication has ever been that Mandy herself is a Chinese scammer. Most of us entered into deals with her based on her stellar feedback and good reputation.

But her recent packages have come unsigned from a country none of us were told they would come from with printed post slips from a Chinese company which none of us can read and have the too-large support items that most often come with Chinese factory work. She has been handling a higher volume than most commissioners are able to feasably and has been unable or unwilling to produce details or pictures about the works in-progress.

My own suspicion, based on lack of pictures, a drop in quality, very little communication and the oddly hush-hush China factor is that she may be subcontracting some of her recent work to a Chinese company to save time and money... And even then, it is only a suspicion (and only mine).

It could easily be cleared up by a change in her profile location, provision of progress photos, and Mandy herself signing the packages she sends. Doing so would remove the "factory" question completely from the minds of any she deals with in the future.

Reguardless of her legitimacy as a commissioner. She has been presenting herself, her location and her work in a dishonest manner (even after being confronted about the China question by multiple other customers, she has failed to change her account location or mention her situation to the rest of us)... Living in China doesn't make you a scammer. But saying you live in California, will provide photos you won't, will finish items by deadlines you can not keep, and then charging too much to ship in bulk-rate without once mentioning it to your customers might.

Mandy has sent me an email as well ~ one accusing me of ruining her reputation and threatening her livelihood. In that email she provided some explanations that may legitimately explain the origin of the packing slips (cheaper shipping through a hardware company), the reason she is based in China and an apology that she hasn't told any of us.

She also has issues with several parts of my review which she'd like to be heard. In the interest of full disclosure ~ I'll add her own email response to my original review so people can judge for themselves.
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