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Originally Posted by Yggdrasil Pie View Post
Yay an Utapri thread~~ ! Didn't see this around earlier or I would have been posting my Masato progress. :X I finished Masato's Maji Love 1000% outfit late last year, and I'm working on Masato's Debut outfit right now. Out of curiosity, does anyone happen to have any references for it? I can't figure out whether his pants and his coat are the same color. :<

Lunarasea: I like how you did your makeup~! I would suggest not using falsies, I think it would make it look a bit girly. XD My only suggestion for the makeup would be maybe a bit more liner, but you look like you got everything else down! ^^

I'm excited in seeing everyone's Utapri costumes! Is anyone here planning on hitting up Fanime or AX this year?
Masato's debut outfit has blue pants as well, from what you can tell on the official website. :'D
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