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Any Ani-Idol pepple?

First time A-Kon-er; "competed" in Anime Idol-esque competitions before (in the sense that I entered, often qualified, and then lost xP). Seeing as there doesn't appear to be A-Kon forums, I wanted to pester anybody here if they could say what it's like. : D... Reading the rules, though, I really wanna audition.

1. Anybody entering and wanna say what song(s) they're doing?
2. Does A-kon have any way of muting vocals from tracks? If we semi-mute ours (Audacity is great... 70% of the time), do they still dock for having assisted vocals or iffy sounding music?
3. How many people generally pass each round (specifically for the "Traditional" entries, being a newb)? Guessing by the final length... like 10 people max make it into the final, maybe...? Out of like... 50, with the length of auditions. xD;;; Trying to be optimistically pessimistic, if that makes sense...
3.5 Is there a backup-in-case-there's-a-no-show list for the hopeful nooblets?
4. More of a judge question, but do they grade you on performance for the second round? I know the first is on voice and the third is on performance, but the second round is new to me. : D...
5. Anyone like... actually have fun being in or watching this? ...
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